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This PATENT PENDING kit converts your TW200 into a mountain goat!  Massive traction!  No tubes! No spokes!


Features:  More traction.  More Flex.  More tire choices.  Allows the use of a common, spoke free, tubeless,  ATV wheel and tire.  No more demounting to fix a flat.  Over 10 years of testing in this kit.


Includes:  Complete rear axle/hub assembly including OEM size bearings. Black finish.  Mounting hardware included with complete installation instructions.  Uses stock sprockets, brake drum, bearings and seals.  Tire and wheel not included with hub only kit. (Requires the use of ITP Delta Steel Wheel 1422320014B or 1225579014 or our own custom made aluminum wheel, available  for purchase with kit.) Comes with installation instructions.



Required Wheel specs: 12x7, 4+3, 4/156 or 14x7, 4+3, 4/156.  Stock polaris front wheels will not fit due to incorrect offset.  Requires ITP Delta Steel Wheel 1422320014B or 1225579014 or comparable. (Not included in hub only kit)



Tire options:  (Not included in hub only kit) 25x8-12 or 25x8-14 are recommended.  26x9-12 or 26x9-14 will fit with extremely close tolerances. Tires with lugs on the sidewall will not clear the chain.  This kit was designed around the Maxxis BigHorn style tire or comparable.  For general usage we highly recommend the 25” tire on the 12” wheel setup.  It handles much better.  For extreme offroad usage the 26” setup may be more desirable. For the 26” setup your chain adjuster must be at least to the “5” on the adjustment cam.  If your chain is new and is adjusted anywhere from the 1 to the third bump past the 4, the tire will be too far forward in the swingarm and the tire will rub.  


Requires the removal of the inner chain cover bracket from the swingarm. (it's easy)

Requires trimming of the plastic chain guard. Different tire combinations may require additional clearancing on the swingarm.


Fits all years of Yamaha TW200, 87-present.

Yamaha TW200 ATV Fat Tire Conversion Kit with 25" tire and 12" wheel

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