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Out of house Dyno testing shows up to a 38% increase in power! This kit includes: New custom machined 70mm cylinder with your choice of cast 9.5:1 compression piston or Wiseco 10:1 piston kit and gasket set, optional custom modified FCR flatslide pumper carburetor including our own proprietary jets and needles, oversize intake manifold boot, airbox lid vent kit, advanced timing cam sprocket, Optional custom ground camshaft,  optional high flow cylinder head, and our high performance exhaust. Requires professional installation. Requires some slight metal trimming on the motorcycle frame to clear the larger carburetor.  No Case boring required. Not for the putt-putters. This engine kit wants to be ridden hard and it delivers. Its a ripper!   Link to engine performance kit video

TW200 High Performance Engine Kit

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Please refer to the installation instructions page for information on installing the engine kit and carburetor. 

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